School Improvement Plan

33 Central School Improvement Report - Goals and Progress


June 2018 Goal = 70% of students at grade level

MAZE (Comprehension Cloze Task)

June 2018 Goal = ​70% of students in Tier 1

​RCBM (Reading: Curriculum Based Measurement) Fluency

June 2018 Goal = 70% of all students in Tier 1


​MCOMP - Computation Fluency
June 2018 Goal = 70% of all students in Tier 1


Graduation Rates​

What Can Staff Do?

  • Family Night – focus on home reading program and early literacy
  • Ensure that students have access to a variety of books in the classroom and library
  • Regular visits to the school library and downtown library
  • Guided reading programs in all elementary classrooms (such as the Daily Five)
  • Professional development for elementary staff on reading interventions
  • Support from the curriculum, early learning and literacy consultants
  • Use of leveled literacy programs (Fountas & Pinell, RAZ kids)
  • Precision Reading for struggling readers
  • Teach students how to select “Good Fit” books
  • Improvements to library: book selection, furniture, lighting, décor
  • School-wide bulletin board of our favorite books (recommendations)
  • Increase early literacy awareness through newsletter, SCC, announcements
  • Early Literacy supports (ELF Bags) for families with young children (Birth – 3)
  • Preschool programming for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Literacy infusion in every classroom
  • Advertise and promote e-library
  • Little free library in entry way


What can parents do?
  • ​Focus on the “love of reading”. Make reading a fun time at home. Take time to read at home to model that reading is for enjoyment. Tell your child about your favorite book or author.
  • Ensure that your child has access to a variety of books at home. Visit the library or book store.
  • Make reading a regular part of your child’s daily activities.
  • Allow your child to read about their interests. Let them choose the books and topics.
  • Read to your child daily (at any age!)
  • Ensure regular attendance at school.
  • Participate in the home reading program selected by your child’s teacher.
  • Attend Student-Led-Conferences
  • Limit screen time (TV, video games, etc) to make room for ‘page time’.
  • Support the SRC magazine sales and purchase a great magazine for your child and yourself! 
  • Speak positively about reading (and school in general). Telling your child that you hated reading (or math, etc) gives them license to do the same.
  • Call your child’s teacher if your child is having trouble or if you have questions.
  • Get involved in school activities and events to let your child know that school is important to you.​

 ​Ministry / Division / School Alignment​

Ministry Goal

Div​ision Initiative

School Actions

1.1 Early learning

-EYE 90%


1.1.3 Family Engagement

    • -Preschool program
    • -IMPACT event
    • -Literacy bags
    • -K programs: PASS Program,
    • Kindergarten: PAST screener, EYE screener

2.1 Reading

-F&P level o (instructional) (grade 3) 76% by June 2017

2.1.1 Professional development for staff


2.1.2 Reading supports to parents and community


2.1.3 Effective Practices in reading

    • -RTI benchmarking all students K-6
    • -guided reading (Jaelise will need help)
    • -leveled literacy interventions for tier 2/3
    • -precision reading for tier 3
    • -little free library
    • -elibrary
    • -free books / family night
    • -home reading programs
    • -one school one book program K-6
    • -literacy infusion for all grades
    • -RAZ kids program
    • -EPIC online reading (and Storyline Online)

2.2 Reading

-RCBM- grade 4-8, 80% by 2020

-MAZE - 80% by 2020


    • See above

2.3 Writing

-writing: 80% of gr 1-9 at or above provincial rubric


    • Literacy infusion (math journals)
    • Writers workshop grade 8,9
    • Writing partnerships (Gr K & 7 ELA projects)

2.4 Math

-math; at A or M on curriculum, high school 75% or above

2.4.1 Professional development


2.4.2 Effective practices for math

    • personalized math 5-9
    • kylee in PLC for math
    • mathletics 1-11
    • progress monitoring
    • Student feedback chart 5-9
    • parent engagement
    • Promote student home logic use weekly gr 5-12
    • MCOMP (gr 2,3,7,8)

3.1 Grad Rates

-grad: 2020: 90% ministry, 95% division, FNM 65%

3.1.1 Effective practices for increasing grad rates


3.1.2 Attendance focus


3.1.3 Post-Grad planning


3.1.4 Monitor credit attainment


3.1.5 Cyber Stone


3.1.6 21st Century learning

      • leadership and engagement opportunities: SRC events, career presentations,
      • course planning meeting & student portfolios
      • online offerings
      • attendance monitoring
      • career fairs
      • credit recovery
      • Promote dual credit
      • Promote special credit projects
      • Personalized math 5-9
      • Supporting technology in classrooms and home-based learning
      • Kylee & Natalie: PD on flipped classroom


5.1 Well- 2020, 85% identify a caring adult who is invested

-wellness: sense of belonging, positive relationships, anxiety 80% positive for grades 4-8 (division)


    • mental health presentations
    • PD for staff on mental health
    • meditations with Deanne
    • Initiate GSA (Natalie)
    • focus on healthy culture, relationships, positive psychology
    • FALCONS matrix
    • Whole school activities (movie nights, SRC spirit days, intramurals, muffins, gym blast)
    • extra-curricular programs
    • direct instruction on preserving wellness, increase signage and advertise supports