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Fillmore Preschool Program

From before birth to age 3 is a critical period of development. Things are learned at this stage that are nearly impossible to learn at other ages. If children don't have exposure to these lessons during this sensitive time, they may never be able to learn to their full potential. These sensitive periods are like windows. Once the window is closed, it becomes very difficult to push information through it. Young brains are designed for learning and it is primarily the parent who determines whether those brains are going to grow and thrive like a healthy tree, or be pruned and stunted forever.

The single most important thing we can do to prepare our kids for the world is to give them a rich and supportive early childhood experience.  We invite you to register your 3 and 4 year olds for preschool!  Our preschool students benefit from socialization, exposure to school routines and connecting with staff. They are able to play and explore while learning about the world in a supportive environment.

The SCC supports the program to keep rates low and accessible to all families. If you feel cost is a potential barrier, we may be able to help! Please call the school for more information.


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